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파트넘버 : 4585M
기능 : Low Noise, Bipolar Input Dual, Audio Operational amplifier
제조사 : NEC => Renesas Technology

핀배열 :
4585M datasheet

상세설명 :

NJM4585  is  a  low  noise  bipolar  input  dual  audio operational amplifier featuring 3.5nV/√Hz at 1 kHz. The  NJM4585  features  Low  distortion,  high  slew  rate, wide  bandwidth  and  high  open-loop  gain.  In  addition, unity-gain  stable  allows  voltage-follower  operation.

These  features  make  NJM4585  ideal  for  audio  pre amplifier ,  microphone  amplifier ,  line  amplifier  and  other audio  applications.  NJM4585  operate  over  a  wide temperature  range  of  -40°C  to  +125°C,  making  this  IC ideal for use in industrial measurement instruments.
The NJM4585 is available in the 8-pin DMP8 packages.

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4585M pdf

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