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파트넘버 : LTC6948

기능 : Ultralow Noise 0.37GHz to 6.39GHz Fractional-N Synthesizer with Integrated VCO

제조사 : Linear Technology

핀배열 :

LTC6948 datasheet


The LTC6948is a high performance, low noise, 6.39GHz phase-locked  loop(PLL)  with  a  fully  integrated  VCO, including a reference divider, phase-frequency detector (PFD), ultralow noise charge pump, fractional feedback divider, and VCO output divider.

The  fractional  divider  uses  an  advanced, 4th  order Δ∑ modulator  which  provides  exceptionally  low  spurious levels. This allows wide loop bandwidths, producing extremely low integrated phase noise values.

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