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파트넘버 : MT6162

기능 : Multi-band Multi-mode Single Chip HEDGE Transceiver

제조사 : MediaTek Inc

핀배열 :

MT6162 datasheet


The MT6162 is a single-chip multi-mode multi-band transceiver offering unparalleled integration and feature set resulting in industry’s lowest eBoM. It is fully compliant with 3G mode (3GPP Rel. 6), as well as supporting GSM/GPRS/EDGE modes (GGE). It constitutes with MediaTek’s baseband modem ICs a complete chipset solution for 3G and GGE cellular user equipment. Quad-band GGE and a wide range of 3G bands support (I – VI, VIII – X) is provided in terms of both frequency ranges and the flexibility of band allocation.

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MT6162 pdf

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