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RFP70N03 데이터시트를 통해서 부품의 기능 및 제조사와 핀배열을 확인 할 수 있습니다.

파트넘버 : RFP70N03

기능 : 70A, 30V, 0.010 Ohm, N-Channel Power MOSFETs

제조사 : Harris Semiconductor

핀배열 :
RFP70N03 datasheet

상세설명 :

The RFP70N03, RF1S70N03, and RF1S70N03SM N-Channel power MOSFETs are manufactured using the MegaFET process. This process, which uses feature sizes approach ing those of LSI integrated circuits gives optimum utilization of silicon, resulting in outstanding performance. They were designed for use in applications such as switching regulators, switching converters, motor drivers, relay drivers and emitter switches for bipolar transistors. These transistors can be operated directly from integrated circuits.

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RFP70N03 pdf

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