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파트넘버 : SD5400

기능 : Quad N-Channel Enhancement Mode DMOS Lateral Switches

제조사 : Unspecified

핀배열 :

SD5400 datasheet


SD5000 / SD5400 ultra-fast switches offer improved accuracy, speed and throughput, with less glitching or distortion than JFETs or multiplexers. Designed for high frequency RF operation,
SD5000 / SD5400 provide switching speeds of 1ns with the unique combination of 70ohms “ON” resistance, and a reverse transfer capacitance of .5 pf. A maximum threshold of 1.5 volts permits simple TTL and CMOS driving for small signal applications. SD5400 / SD5000 can switch analog signals up to +/- 10 volts, while the SD5401 / SD5001 can switch signals up to +/- 5 volts.
All versions have gate ESD protection zener diodes.

Quad SPST Switch with Zener Input Protection Switch
Low Interelectrode Capacitance and Leakage
Ultra-High Speed Switching—tON: 1 ns
Ultra-Low Reverse Capacitance: 0.2 pF
Low Turn-On Threshold Voltage

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