SMD99F-5025MC2 데이터시트 PDF

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파트넘버 : SMD99F-5025MC2

기능 : 25 +/-3 ns, 5-TAP, TTL-interfaced fixed delay line

제조사 : Data Delay Devices

핀배열 :

SMD99F-5025MC2 datasheet


The SMD99F-series device is a 5-tap digitally buffered delay line. The signal input (IN) is reproduced at the outputs (T1-T5), shifted in time by an amount determined by the device dash number.


•  Five equally spaced outputs

•  Designed for surface mounting

•  Low profile (0.175 maximum height)

•  Input & outputs fully TTL interfaced & buffered

•  10 T2L fan-out capability

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SMD99F-5025MC2 pdf

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