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파트넘버 : SP4423CX

기능 : Electroluminescent lamp driver low power applications

제조사 : Signal Processing Technologies

핀배열 :

SP4423CX datasheet


The SP4423is a high voltage output DC-AC converter that can operate from a 2.2V-6.0V power supply. The SP4423is capable of supplying up to 200 V PP signals, making it ideal for driving electroluminescent lamps.

The device features 10nA (typical) standby current, for use in low power portable products. An inductor is used to generate the high voltage, and an external capacitor is used to select the oscillator frequency. The SP4423is offered in an 8-pin narrow SOIC and 8-pin µSOIC packages. For delivery in die form, please consult the factory.

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